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Public Speaking Freaks Me Out

But I did it and by all accounts it turned out ok! (I still haven’t and will not watch it).
I was graciously invited by the amazing team at The Do Lectures Australia to speak on creativity and how we cultivated our amazing great creative team culture.

The do lectures are a unique event check them out here

In their clever country called Wales, Clare and David Hieatt set out to bring the DO-ers of the world together – the movers and shakers, the disrupters and the change-makers – and ask them to tell their stories. Under star lit skies, in a bind with nature, they would inspire others to go out into the world and DO, too. The intent was that pure, the motivation honest.
DO has a formula: ideas + energy = change.

Why do a side project?

Life drawing 1

Feeling swamped at work? got too much on? here’s an idea – start a side project that will consume the small amount of free time you have, possibly make you more stressed and send a team of creatives with varying levels of self esteem (including yourself) into a frenzy about whether their side project is as good as everyone else’s & how they are going to present it to the rest of the team.

Good idea eh?

We decided to do it anyway…..I think it made us closer 😉

Check out some of the vids of projects below and see a full list of projects at the bottom – along with a link to buy Alex’s e-book!

My Project – Woodturning

Natalie – Junior Creative extraordinaire -A different thing each week for 10weeks – this is where our team life drawing class came from

The full list!

Life Drawing
life drawing 2
Jeanette’s Aussie Ceramics
Anna post half marathon
anna half marathon


I like to create stuff and I love talking to anyone and everyone who likes to create stuff too. Its what gets me out of bed each day.
I work as a Creative Director, with a fantastic group of people, people who make coming into work a pleasure. We spend our time producing TV program trailers, visual channel branding, radio, print & web content for four well known factual entertainment channel brands. We tend to laugh and smile a lot too.
My favourite thing is to be behind the camera, seeing an idea flicker to life, that moment when it becomes larger than the sum of its parts.
I’ve won some awards and talked at some events, check me out on LinkedIn if you want to know more.
I currently live by the beach with my partner Andy. I spend way to much time thinking about the ocean and when I can next be in it, because that’s where the ideas come. I love ideas. I love hearing them and working on them too (send me an email if you’re keen!)