The enormity of the events at Hiroshima & Nagasaki moved everybody in our team to do something special for the 70th anniversary. This was created with a mix of animation, pre existing models and the live action shooting of a couple of team members for our charcoal figures.

I get to work with some highly highly talented people and this is another case of starting with a kernel of an idea and being blown away by what a group can turn it into. Particularly the immensely talented Michael Strelan – a legend in his own lifetime.



We made a short film and we will make more (finally)

This was the mother of all side projects, deeply disturbing and deeply rewarding all at once. It consumed all the night times and weekends in my possession from late August last year to March this year – and geez I loved it.

Well let’s be honest I hated it sometimes, those moments when you think its not going to happen, or work out, or that its simply just going to be shit so you shouldn’t bother and you’re really tired and that big bed looks sooooo soft.

Pushing past all the hard work and late nights I’m now left with something that I got to work on, in a deep concentrated way, with talented friends. Eventually producing this thing that no other combination of time, people or effort could have produced. I don’t think anything tastes sweeter.

But oh how quickly the sweet becomes bitter!

The post project come down was like the sun had just risen on a 6month bender, I quickly became listless, useless and directionless…..The only option is to do it all over again.

Here is our trailer for ‘Turn’….I hope  you enjoy it.

I like to create stuff and I love talking to anyone and everyone who likes to create stuff too. Its what gets me out of bed each day.
I work as a Creative Director, with a fantastic group of people, people who make coming into work a pleasure. We spend our time producing TV program trailers, visual channel branding, radio, print & web content for four well known factual entertainment channel brands. We tend to laugh and smile a lot too.
My favourite thing is to be behind the camera, seeing an idea flicker to life, that moment when it becomes larger than the sum of its parts.
I’ve won some awards and talked at some events, check me out on LinkedIn if you want to know more.
I currently live by the beach with my partner Andy. I spend way to much time thinking about the ocean and when I can next be in it, because that’s where the ideas come. I love ideas. I love hearing them and working on them too (send me an email if you’re keen!)